Biographie Suzie Godart

I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike.....

I'm  a sports teacher in primary school in Cessange (Luxemburg city), a profession I really love and enjoy. It also allows me to continue cycling on a quite good level.

I came to cycling very late at the age of 32. I took my first licence and was immediately successful on the national level, winning numerous national titles in Mountainbike, cyclocross and roadracing, which in turn encouraged me to have more ambitions (even as a mother of two kids with a fulltime job).

My progression was only possible with the help of my husband Marc, himself passionated by cycling ( sports director for the continental team CCI Differdange and also the Pro-teams I was/ am member of), the understanding of my daughter Trixy (now racing with me) and my son Fränz (who prefers the crazier versions of biking like dirt and freeride).

Even now at 50 riding my bike is a necessary drug that helps me stay young. I tried to stop competition several times ,but as you can see without success, so I've decided to go on as long as " I take pleasure in riding and I don't feel ridiculous" (like a good friend of ours, Rémy Pigeois used to tell me years ago)!

So what I can say now is  that I'm not done and that you'll still see me on competitions for a while!